The coronacrisis is forcing companies to put their finances in order. How do you optimize your costs? And what is admitted by law? Improve your HR efficiency by optimizing your HR costs and payroll processes, taking into account the legal framework. Measuring is knowing! We investigate all opportunities and give you a complete overview.

To guide you, Partena Professional offers you a global and online audit at your convenience.But what are your benefits?

  • A This audit analyses all HR costs and maps the payroll processes in order to optimize your HR efficiency.
  • You will receive a clear and realistic overview of your cost optimization opportunities and compliance issues. This goes for HR issues, payroll processes or remuneration policies

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Basic recipe for an optimum Employee Experience

The trend towards extensive personalisation and flexibility is starting to pervade all layers of society. This is also the case in the world of HR professionals, as illustrated by the growing importance of the ‘Employee Experience’. Still, for many businesses an employee-centred approach means a fundamental change. This is the reason why we wrote this whitepaper.


How about a performance audit to determine the action points?

Autonomy and flexibility have become basic concepts since mid-March. This has led to many changes in HR, especially when it comes to measuring employee performance. It is impossible to observe an employee's performance from a distance. It is therefore necessary to adapt the evaluation criteria to the flexibility needs of the organisations.